Guaranteed accredited certification-readiness in four months

The IT Konstruct ISO 22301 four month service will have you ready for accredited certification to ISO 22301:2019 for a one-off fee. We have worked with many clients to develop this unique service, which will enable you to implement a business continuity management system (BCMS) tailored to your organisation.

Service eligibility

The service package applies to organisations with up to 25 staff (including the management/executive team) and with all key personnel based at a single site. The service can be delivered to organisations in any sector or industry.

For organisations that fall outside the eligibility criteria, please contact us on +44 (0)20 7148 4716 for a quotation.

Resource requirements

You will need to provide key information for the project to proceed on schedule and fulfil its objectives. This will be managed to minimise any disruption, but it is essential that your staff give any requests the appropriate priority.

You will need an internal project coordinator to host meetings and to ensure all required information is provided on time, and that tasks and actions allocated to your staff are carried out as agreed.

Service description

You will be assigned a consultant who will work with you and undertake all the key activities involved in setting up a working ISO 22301 BCMS that reflects your business objectives and requirements, and is suitably scaled to the size of your organisation.

The project follows the following stages:

  1. Project mandate
    The first stage focuses on establishing your commitment to the project and producing a business continuity policy that reflects your organisation’s objectives. This will define the scope of the BCMS and make sure management approves the essential documents.
  2. Project initiation
    This stage develops the project’s goals and ensures that both the project and the BCMS succeed in delivering the objectives. Key outputs include a project plan, key delivery dates and milestones.
  3. BCMS initiation
    The third stage involves compiling a list of the requirements for each BCMS process and how to develop and implement them. These will relate directly to the principal stages in the project plan and inform how the essential tasks are assigned.
  4. Management framework
    The management framework is the structure of BCMS processes. It is essential that the context of the organisation – the key factors that determine how the resilience and continuity arrangements work – is established at the outset as well as key ‘foundation’ processes: leadership, planning and support.
  5. Business impact analysis (BIA) and risk assessment
    These processes are pivotal to the BCMS and are the basis upon which effective resilience and recovery capabilities are built. BIA and risk assessment will be tailored to your organisation and then implemented.
  6. Business continuity strategy
    A strategy that is appropriate to the unique specifics of each organisation and its operational models will be made, taking into account:
    • the nature and criticality of each business activity;
    • resources required to resume them if disrupted;
    • options for meeting the expectations and requirements of interested parties.
  7. Implementation
    This stage involves considerable consultation with internal stakeholders to build upon the agreed strategies and create realistic response and recovery arrangements based upon valid assumptions. This will result with documented procedures and plans for key business continuity activities. A test and exercise programme is also developed to prove these procedures, and at least one exercise will be conducted to establish a level of effectiveness.
  8. Measure, monitor and review
    A set of arrangements to suit the organisation and its BCMS, including an internal audit programme, management review and procedure evaluation. This includes developing performance metrics together with a process for continual monitoring and measurement of the BCMS, its effectiveness and that of the response and resilience arrangements. This will include at least one full internal audit, one management review and one exercise at a level appropriate to the response teams’ capability and maturity.
  9. Certification audit
    We will help arrange certification audits between your organisation and the chosen certification body, and will provide one day of on-site or remote support for the stage 2 audit, which evaluates the operation of the BCMS and its effectiveness.

Certification guarantee

If you follow the advice of our consultants, we guarantee that your BCMS will achieve certification within the agreed timeline. This guarantee – which is subject to contract and to you providing the agreed resource and executing the tasks identified in the agreed project plan – ensures we will meet any and all extra direct costs necessary to achieve a recommendation for certification.

Service Description

Accredited certificates are widely recognised as credible assurance regarding an organisation’s business continuity capabilities and we will help you select an accredited certification body to suit your budget, location, timescale and organisational culture.

Why choose us?

  • We have an in-depth understanding of business continuity and ISO 22301’s requirements and how they should be met.
  • Our specialist team has extensive business continuity and management system project expertise, in the UK.
  • Our transparent proposals are fixed price, so you won’t get any surprises.

Speak to an expert

Call us on +44 (0)20 7148 4716 for further information and to discuss your ISO 22301 project requirements.

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